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Experience the Art of Change

I have been where you are...

Experiencing the unknown in relationship to my health and my future, struggling with my interactions with physicians, the medical industrial complex, my own diminished abilities, and the uncertainty of the what the future may bring on all levels of my life. From these experiences I have learned and am still learning how to live with my own "new normal" which includes not only coming out the other side of a life threatening illness and physical changes, but, beginning a new way of viewing health, including my own health and my future.

I use Hypnosis, NLP, and Coaching to help you as you move through a transitional period in your life, whether it be a serious illness, loss, beginning a new career, retirement, or other life changing events. I can also help you in your journey to self-empowerment that will allow to embrace the changes in your life. I do this by assisting you in finding your own resources, determining your priorities, and planning your next actions. I also assist my clients by freeing them from non-resourceful patterns and habits, while allowing them to realize the answers, resources and abilities that are within them.

I can also assist in other areas and issues, including; stress release, smoking cessation, weight release, and eliminating old habits and beliefs that have prevented you from moving forward.

You can see all of the areas I am able to assist you by viewing my Coaching Services and Hypnotherapy Services pages on this website.

Phone: 503-515-7273


4004 S. Kelly Ave, Suite 108

Portland, OR 97239

Hours: By appointment

The photo in the header of is taken on the island of Santori.

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