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Experience the Art of Change

As a coach, I bring humor, curiosity, openness, and support to the process of change by discovering the power, strengths, and answers within you as you grow into the next steps of your life. I work with people that are going through changes or are looking for a higher level of understanding themselves and others.  

Those looking deeper understanding of themselves and others

  • People experiencing serious illnesses

    When one gets a "serious" diagnosis one can go through a barrage of emotions along with any physical symptoms that may be occurring. Coping with these and the health care system one has unwittingly become part of can be difficult. As a four time survivor of a serious, life-threatening disease I understand and empathize with those going through this challenging time. I offer support and assistance to you with the emotional roller coaster and can provide tools to help you as you maneuver through the health care system and your own physical and personal challenges.

  • Life Coaching

    As a Life Coach, I assist individuals with change and challenges in their lives by helping them uncover their priorities and resources while holding them accountable for the growth they wish to be accountable for.

  • Transpersonal Coaching

    Transpersonal has been defined as working toward something beyond the personal or the material or everyday world. In NLP as you change things on a transpersonal level, all of the other levels can change at the same time.

    As you gain awareness of yourself you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your beliefs, motives, values, and actions. With this understanding and awareness you can change unresourceful beliefs and parts of yourself.  

  • Youths and Teens

    Young people can experience situations and challenges that are sometimes difficult for them to overcome. These can range from the need for better study habits or testing skills to being bullied. As a high school teacher and parent, I have experience in working with youths of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances.

  • Individuals that feel "stuck" during a transformation or change

    Have you ever wanted to, or had to, make a change and just weren't sure where to begin or how to take the next step? For most people, the answer to this question would be "yes" sometime in their life. As a coach I can assist you in determining what changes you want to make by helping you uncover priorities and resources

    and then provide the support and tools to make that change or transformation manifest by guiding you through various processes that empower you and allow you to discover the answers and strength you have within yourself. I can also make you accountable for taking the steps that will make change possible.

Leadership Coaching

  • Leaders and Future Leaders

    Business leaders need to have good communication and judgment skills, as an executive you know this. Leadership can be developed and nurtured. An effective leader brings out the best in others. As a teacher of future business leaders I have coached young people in how to be more effective leaders in school, at their work, and in life. Executive coaching begins with several personality assessments so that you and I can get a better understanding of how you interact with others and the world. Then your strengths can be enhanced and the areas needing growth can be cultivated as I work with you to develop your leadership skills and enhance your executive presence.  

  • Individuals seeking employment or a career change

    Sometimes we need to make a plan when we are job hunting or making a career change. Sometimes we aren't sure how to do that or what we need to make the plan or change. As an employment or career coach I can help you with developing a plan and being accountable for completing it. Over my "career lifetime" I have worked in multiple industries and disciplines, including, customs brokerage, health care, elder care, non-profit, and education. I have assisted over 500 beginning employment seekers with their resumes, cover letters, interview skills, and other issues facing people new to the job market. I have also assisted individuals that have changed careers by reviewing and updating their resumes and giving them tools to create a "winning" cover letter and having the resources to make a good impression during an interview. 

  • Peoplemap

    The Peoplemap™ System is designed to develop your "people" skills. These skills apply to all areas of your life – at work, home, and all your relationships. This fun, simple, and easy to use program gives you a "map" that creates effective relationships, helps you solve conflict and work with others to reach your goals. The Peoplemap™ System is comprised of a set of inter-related programs that build upon the Peoplemap™ basic Training Program: Understanding Yourself and Others. No need to use a whole new set of concepts and language!

    I am a trained Peoplemap trainer and can provide your organization a training session.

Call today for a free consultation.


$100.00 per session

(multiple session discounts available)

Ask about my slide scale for those that are financially strapped

In person appointments available in the greater Portland metro area and via Zoom for other locations

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