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Experience the Art of Change

The Peoplemap™ System

The Peoplemap™ System is an integrated series of interpersonal effectiveness training seminars for every level of your organization.

The goal of Peoplemap training is to provide your company with training programs that will allow your employees to work 100% successfully with each other and to perform at their very best level.

All Peoplemap™ Programs employ the Peoplemap™ Personality Types. The training is high content, easy to understand, and immediately usable in the workplace and at home. The workshop learning environment is fun, highly interactive, practical, and down to earth. There is no fancy jargon, — just simple, straightforward tools and skills that work day in and day out in all areas of life.

The Peoplemap™ Personality Types

The Peoplemap™ System usually begins with each person attending a Peoplemap™ basic program: In this program, each person learns their own and others' Peoplemap™ Personality Type. There are four core personality types: Leader, People, Free Spirit, and Task.

Each type has 3 inborn strengths, as well as a “weak spot” that we refer to as the Achilles Heel. When understood, the Achilles Heel can be turned into a “learned” Strength. Therefore, each personality type has specific areas they need to address in their own growth and development, in order to perform at their highest level.

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