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Goals and some of the rules of achieving them

As we go through living our lives we sometimes forget our goals. It is helpful to have someone to remind you what your prioities are and what resources you have to move toward them. Life coaches are trained to these things.

Sometimes we don't even know what our true goals are, life coaches can help you discover these and guide you to the resources in you that can get moving toward those goals. There are times in your life when you have been successful. These experiences can be a source of inspiration, they can also be a blueprint on how you can be successful in your pursit of a life goal.

There are some "rules" that can help you move toward your goal. One way to make them concrete and achievable. The main rule is make your goal a SMART goal. SMART stands for:

Specific - make your goal as specific as possible; what will it look like, how will it feel, what will you be doing, what will you have give up to obtain it?

Measurable - how will know you have achieved it? What will be different or the same?

Action - what actions will have to take place in order to achieve your goal?

Realistic - is the goal realistic in your environment?

Timely - when will this goal be achieved?

Try using these guidelines next time you have a goal, you may find that it is easier to achieve it, or that there are other things that you need to do before you begin moving toward your goal!

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