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Learning life's lessons

Sometimes we are so busy living life that we miss some of the lessons it is teaching us. "Oh that little pain is nothing.... I need to finish this thing I am working on, I can just take a aspirin and go on."

That may be true, but it may be that your body or life is trying to tell you something and you should probably listen. Where is the pain? How long has it lasted? Is it moving around?

The first thing one should do is to consult your physician about the pain, it may be something big or something that should be treated in some way. After that you might ask your body or life what lesson is out there that you need to get.... It may be your body wants or needs some attention, or you need to slow down or speed up. It could be that you need to grab control of your life or learn to give up some control.

After talking to your physician and finding out if there is something serious going on, you could try is hypnosis to communicate with the unconscious part of yourself to determine what your body or your life is trying to tell you. A trained, good hypnotherapist/hypnotist can use various methods to communicate with that unconscious part of yourself to find out what is behind the pain or the ailment that is behind it. They can also help with easing the pain in some cases.

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